Unique bamboo wooden watches TiMEBOO 

Do you like new, stylish, solid, just a little bit different with a hefty dash of sustainable too? TiMEBOO bamboo wooden watch is definitely a winner for you!
Stationed in the Netherlands, a TiMEBOO  watch is a trendy and contemporary watch made of bamboo. A basic design without all kinds of superfluities, but with a natural look. ´Natural´, because through its simplicity the product provides an elegant and powerful appearance. ' Natural ', because bamboo is claimed to be THE new wood where chopping of trees is no longer necessary. ' Natural ‘, because the straps are made out of genuine leather, in warm and contemporary colors. Do you prefer even more animal-friendly over leather? No problem! Just take a band of cork, available in various designs. 
A bamboo watch is very comfortable around your wrist. Because of the low mass the watch feels light as a feather. In addition,  the backside that is also completely made of bamboo which makes it possible to wear it with every kind of skin, even the ones that usually have to cope with skin allergies.
The watch is available in both lady-size as well as men-size wrists. The TiMEBOO is available in three different versions,  a single band on your wrist or a double or triple wrap with a cover band. 
TiMEBOO fits all those who want to add just that little bit of difference . Age is no issue, young and old are pleased with a TiMEBOO watch. Get inspired by the Wall of Fame. 
Being sold in various shops, TiMEBOO has already proven to be a success and will continue chasing development.
A nice watch for yourself, and definitely serves the purpose of an original, personal gift.


TiMEBOO  'time to make a change'          



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