Since Autumn 2013, TiMEBOO is on the market. with original wooden watches made out of bamboo. A basic design, no unnecessary extras, vintage and a green thought is the key to a solid product. Your question is; Why bamboo? Bamboo is a green product, is fast-growing, survives with a little amount of water and after the trees are cut the bamboo plant has the ability to renew itself. In the current trend of wooden ornaments we believe bamboo to be the best option. Your contribution to a more ecological world can be in the little things; saving a tree with choosing a bamboo watch over an oak watch. And of course, bamboo is just a pretty  product, with both a warm and an ecological appearance. .

The bamboo cases are being manufactured in China, because bamboo grows in China.  We believe green thinking is manufacturing close to their resources, to reduce pollution in terms of transport. The factory where the watches are being manufactured is a fairly small company (about 40 employees) that we visited ourselves. Therefore, we guarantee no child labour together with decent and clean workplaces. 



Within the production we stay close to home as well. The wrap straps are being manufactured in the Netherlands. Again, not a mass factory but just a small family company with an excellent reputation, products and quality. Most of the wrap straps are of vegetable tanned leather;  unfortunately, due to color restrictions this is not possible yet for all straps. We are constantly actively searching for alternatives for leather. This resulted in the corque line, which is one of our most successful products.

Although we want to become bigger we love small-scale. We empathize the search for cooperations with small-scaled companies. Working together is an important part in the vision of TiMEBOO; we are happy to have found partners that align with our vision and have compassion with our product. We believe in the shared thought; everybody can earn his part but doesn't try to  misuse the ways of the market., our webshop in bamboo products, is the mother company of TiMEBOO. Bamboo is our passion, we believe in the ecological excellence bamboo provides and believe in the incredible amount of variations bamboo can be used for. Nowadays, it is even possible to make clothing and dishes by solely making use of bamboo. Curious? Take a look in our wide catalogus on

Marga van Goethem & Ilona Hurkens

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